Artist: Shah
Album: Today (EP) (2012)
Song: Memorize This - Memorize This Moment (Shah)

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Look at your surroundings, listen close, enjoy the view cause
You could say you heard me rap before I got too big for music
They were like holy, he’s the one and the only
Keepin’ their eye up on me, pyramid on the o.n.e. (anuit coptis)
Dear poppa, givin’ me your all every moment since my birth
And ma, the hardest workin’ most beautiful woman on this earth (I love you)
Made it through them hard times, closer cause what happened
I love you more than words convey, these bars don't do a fraction
And now the odds are on me, they used to be against
I was once the underdog, how quickly they forget
Y’all can start hatin’ or ride the band wagon
Ain’t no beatin’ me, so join or get the fuck out the way

Said we wouldn’t get here
Makes the triumph sweeter
Now there ain’t no stoppin’ ‘til they say we the greatest
Love or hate it, we made it
Struggle once seemed eternal
Conquering it made me who I am
Now there ain’t no stopping ‘til they say we the greatest
Love or hate it, we made it

Now I’m the panthers prior to Bloods and Crips and FBI
I’m Superman, and I dun found that antidote to kryptonite
Intendin’ on bringin’ a better beginning ending anyone in my way
Re-write the book of life we takin’ over today
Classic like a Cassius fight, Gandhi with an appetite
Turnin’ water into oil, 8 days of candle light
Rappin’ right, past the planets blastin’ past the satellites
Legends never die, I’ll never know the afterlife
Imperfection is impossible for me, fact of life
I bleed sweat breathe the swagger rappers practice like
Sum y’all up, add it twice, still not enough ain’t half as nice
Yonge world order takin’ over, closin’ up your caskets tight

Memorize this moment, hold it close it because
This monumental, tell the children where you was
Reflect and reminisce on the moments that felt perfect
Not-guilty verdicts, and seein’ your people flourish
Limos with your crew a dozen deep celebratin’
This is you getting’ your dream girl, all them years of waitin’ (all them years of waitin’)
Meetin’ with your heroes, them treatin’ you as equals
This the view from Machu Pichu with the clouds underneath you (clouds underneath you)
This your first love, first fuck, first kiss
Sunrise, sunset, full moon, eclipse
This is the moment, so long awaited
This the feelin’ of fulfilment - we finally made it (finally made it)