Artist: Sara Alina
Album: Sara Alina (2013)
Song: - Fly (Sara Alina)
Submitted By: saraalina

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I know itís not cool
I know itís not fair
People leave and donít show up anywhere
Yeah, we make mistakes
We canít turn back
Once itís done, boom, hit the trigger, new track
And itís not cool, and its not fair
That I took some wrong turns somewhere
Made some messes, destroyed some dresses
Never knowing what step the next is

I know that, you know that
You can be whoever you wanna be
From up there, from up there
The people stare

Be there for you
And your gonna see that its true
Put your hands up to the sky
Lets fly, fly, fly
Fly, fly, fly,
Yeah lets, fly, fly, fly (x4)

Now that youíre in flight
Let the music vibe
Feel the beat, woooh
Take it up to the sky
You know they say, what they wanna say
But its all you, forget the bullshit they play
Now that youíre in flight
Everythingís alright
Gotta live, gotta love, gotta survive
You know they say, what they wanna say
It doesnít matter
Lets go, okay.

(Pre-Chores) and (Chores) (x2)