Artist: SIC ILL
Album: Ndemic (2013)
Song: Ferry - Ferry Boats (SIC ILL)
Submitted By: SIC ILL

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Ridin Ferry Boats
Let's see where it goes

Alright shuffle in
Close up the hatches let the journey begin
Alright here it is
You gettin seasick, are you alright miss
Youll feel much better seein orcas whales
And over there is vashon, you can sail
Narrow bridges is in your periferal
Giant Octopus under these, yea several
And thousands of rock, lining on the surf
Next Evergreen Pines up on the turf
Over in the tideflats is where the work
on johnny seasonings salt from this dirt
I see a seal, check it out
And over there a peacock, zoo let em out
And over there's Bremerton, I see West Seattle
A mental postcard for Natate doing piano, u a animal