Artist: Fleshlink
Album: V.S.R. (1997)
Song: Grave - Grave Digga (Fleshlink)
Submitted By: mkaloga1

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[Intro] {x8}

I be the grave (digga), grave (digga) {x4}

With the red rum, cause it keep this grave {x3}
These is rhyme enemy of Fleshlink

[Verse One: Jason]
With Marge Simpsons time dime die of a crave
Crawling on rats that, the digga from behave
Slash you are faces to the Fleshlink human
I got these hygienic and dead these cruman
Deadly night, spot sight, criminal
I lock the door from a screaming these dark briminal
Put I'm afraid these I'm tryin' scared tash
I can be the grave these digga rebash
I kill them, these verses plot, restrained
Burning these fire his hands I'm gonna stained
Hot water I'm screaming, my hands these hurting
The evil prevails that you gonna cry now together
Completely poem these we that represent
Mentality evil prevails back to intent mentally
Can't for these way shell the pain
All the rain on it live from survive

I be the grave (digga), grave (digga) {x4}
Cause blood to me back the Fleshlinker crave

[Verse Two]
SpongeBob SquarePants and Patrick Star
Wrong Turn of Jessie bar
[?] we the slash these claws
These line that represent rooms that rolling alive to slave
Got you these shot you I'm slaying, slash we playing you all brave
I burn that see you cause a burning all my nose
I die lose
Diggaroo claws that horror film
Watch you gonna do me the owl sound effect, good from the effect
Fleshlink you gonna be I effect
Zombies return from the hictim, evilest tictim
Antispam snictim victim
Creep evil walking, bear I wear
I'm cayday, need it will rain these over broke the dear
That Are Evilest, this Touch 'Em Murderous
From the Bleed of Flesh, Die, keep I that Killer
Anymore them hell you flippin' the painful and vul
With the long Mommy Marge when the stul
Burn in hell
Box day, else then together
Grave Digga ever, I'm not forever see you never


[Verse Three: Night Mere]
Night Mere those....
Night Mere those....
Night Mere those....
These mess bleed blood thirsty shell I don't give a fuck
Satanic Verses, I'm hurt to hurt these murder than I'm animal
And dead you that every killing soul that face
I'm a 5 the livers that mentally to space
Kill them real that's craving so blast
Cause I, human flesh to gangsta rap
We punch ya nose my bleeding on him over
Not power, died's survivor all the mover
All it bleed it rave it disguises
Survive than digga die, you that's stalkin' and lie
Keep the ashes to ashes, dust to dust we even devil
I keep these devil rebel is and needle
Kill is kush your dead's these ever intent rush
Every lush
To the broken bone and the leg
We Satan to so that's grafe and take you graffe
In agrave
The enemy we face the arave


[Outro] {x8}