Artist: Various
Album: One Thing (1999)
Song: Live - Live Evil (Various)
Submitted By: Mommy

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[Intro] {x8}

We get so live (evil), live (evil) {x4}
It's the dark side, we came to get live {x3}
Make some noise and represent the Flatline

[Verse One: Kool Tee]
It's Mr. Kool Tee deep down in the Earth
Demons is lurking and evil's at work
Trapped in dimension with the Flatline henchmen
Sometimes I get hyperactive to kill the tension
Killer grills, spine chills, tingling
I'll backspin with the souls of chains jingling
Twisted at the core but the trouble death tells
At times I wanna get live but evil prevails
I can't stop, my vision blurred, mind slurred
Spitting out phrases of words you never heard
So invest in a Bible, a nice selection
A creepy collection but there is no protection
Meddling with forces that you can't comprehend
Infernal powers devour sin to sin's underneath
You'll feel the forces of the beast
Cranium cracks as I chill with the deceased

We get so live (evil), live (evil) {x4}
This bloods for you from the Flatliner crew

[Verse Two: Grave Digger]
Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Pain
Regain Hunchback of Notre Dame
[?] will dig a grave
I kick no regular rhymes while leaving enough to flow
Give me a sip of the potion, flip the motion then I grow
And then burst out like a volcano the erupt
I run amok
Evilest thought I'm struck with luck
When you turn up the bird sound complete from out the ground
Flatline but that's the people up ground
Tazmanian transform to the hyper, lyrical typer
Abominable sniper viper
Cat walker creeper, born I warn
For countdown, now it's to the break of dawn
This Is Scary Us, to Take 'Em Underground
In the Rivaz Of Red, Run, cause It's A Nightmare
Sacrifice your hope I'm filling a pitchfork with pork
This is the little baby Damien by the stork
Pop the cork
Bust down, ask for forgiveness
Live Evil business, I can't win this so I end this


[Verse Three: Red Rum]
Red Rum is...
Red Rum is...
Red Rum is...
The most cold blooded son of a bitch
666, I'm sick so sick, your body's on the crucifix
Or chopped up and buried inside of a grave
When I have this craving for making you all afraid
Slash you with these claws that are on my paws
I have, formed my soul to horrorcore
I'ma burn in Hell for that which I be saying
No praying, dead's decaying when I am slaying
And it will rain with red when brain's bled
Return of the evil dread, quad six stay in your bed
We do act because of the plaque I have with Satan
You don't wanna keep Satan awaiting cause he's impatient
Hell is hot, you can see the sinister plot
When you rot
When the bones is thrown in the lot
The devil he says these lies to give me life
I'm alive
We represent the grave we survive


[Outro] {x8}