Artist: JACKS
Album: MANSI EP (2013)
Song: - Venom (JACKS)
Submitted By: jacksmx

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Your lipstick in the dark is perfect
Cause is the way you are cheating, my girl
And girl because you smell so sweet, heart
You are making the fools fall in love, dam!

And your kisses are so delicious
But you have such a rotten heart, damn
It fucks me up the way you are sexy…
And I really love your underwear…

Your lipstick
Your chemistry
Your demon wings
Are killing me
Baby stop please
Stop and kiss me
Baby your venom is killing

Stop playing with me, oh baby
Because your tongue is so lonely
Your body now is getting creepy
Your kissing skills are almost a wonder

Stupid things made your heart colder
I’m not gonna cry in the corner
The pretty face that makes you so hot
Is making a real mess…

Don’t don’t pretend, oh no no
Be careful with your love
Yeah… someday