Artist: oc3 feat aj lewis
Album: .. (2014)
Song: i want you - i want you back (oc3 feat aj lewis)
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Baby girl I know that you're still feeling me
It's been a long way girl I ain't leaving you
I know you thinking money has changed this fella
But I ain't change I'm the same old fella
Remember the piggy bank in the closet that I bought you
Imma confess yes baby I stole it
And you knew it
You never want to blame a fella that you love, trust and you roll with
But I'm a fly boy now let me transport you
I'm not trying to brag I just want to love and trust you
They say love is blind so you got me all wonder
But I ain't Stevie Cus I like to see my girl's under
And how she smiles when I stroke her hair back
Girl you're my heart and I need you back
I'm a type of guy what I say is a fact
Yeah I know is a fact Cus I need you back

It's been a minute since we last spoke baby
know in my heart that your still my lady
I want the good life so I move shady

Another night another show I'm wavy
When I'm alone all my thoughts drive me crazy
wrote you a note hope you haven't replaced me

I've been to new york
Paris M.I.A
Kingston town where the girls don't play
ATL girls lean like A
but the LDN's where the bad girls stay

Remember when I said I was gonna make it
Everybody hated
That was way back when
I was dreaming about a black
Maybach Benz
Us moving moving out the flats
When I make them ends
I felt good for nothing
Going nowhere fast
Everybody doing them
They're just racing past
Maybe I should get a job
Put this all in the past
You said you'd kick my arse
If I quit my bars
We laughed
But look at me me now
I'm on stage get a wage for booking me out
Nothing's changed I'm the same
old crook
I never chased the fame
write a hook make the crowd insane
now your saying that we drifted
I call you say you missed it
Trying to cut me out like
I never existed
That's shits twisted
Come on back
There's only one chick I want
Fuck them other yats