Artist: Smiley Culture
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Song: Police - Police Officer (Smiley Culture)
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Everytime me drive me car police a stop me superstar
True me drive a fiat and a Mercs, Sell weh me Lancia
So more time when me go a Esat London fe check some cockneys
Them a tell me to produce insureance, licence and M.O.T.
but me say........

Police Officer no give me producer
Police Officer no bother give me producer
Police Officer no give me producer
Police Offcer no bother give me producer

To everybody in the dance I and I dedicate this style yah
Whether you a lawbreaker or you a informer
You could be a P.C., C.I.D. or a inspector
Me no charge for murder, Failing to produce is weh me charge for

Police Officer no give me producer
Policer Officer no bother give me producer

Ca' me a S mailey Culture. Used to drive up a Lancia
And me a drive car from me a teenager
Police Officer me is a expert driver
So if you see me no shout and no holler
No stand up in the road with a torch and try pull me over
Ca' if it's a dark night by yourself you will get run over
No come behind me in a rover and start flash your flasher
Or come rev rev rev it beside me 'pon your scooter
Ca' me is a man who would a just faster
And when me feel like it me would a pull up on a corner
Before you ask any question me already have an answer
And any answer you get me wan' you know it would be formula

Police Officer no give me producer
Police Officer no bother give me producer
Police Officer no give me producer
Policer Officer no bother give me producer

On me way a People's Club me pass through Victoria
And through me a entertainer say no tax 'pon me window
As me go throughthe lights the whole road take over
And as me drive nearer could see clearer it was a Black Maria
With six or seven plain clothes policer officers
Them didn't look the type of policer me could give a fiver
First thing that come into me head: Good thing me hide me ganja!
Next thing that happen them a wave, in other words pull me over
All me could a do is sigh and shrug me shoulder
And as them approach me start wind down me window
Me a go tell you how me answer...........
Every question them fire..................

"Well,Wha wha wha what's your name then son?"
My name Smiley Culture
"Yeah, Where do you think you're coming from lad?"
From seeing me mother
"What's the registration number of the car then?"
I can't remember
"What you got in the boot then son?"
A cassette recorder. Would you like to have a look?
"Shut your bloody mouth. We ask. You answer
Now take the keys out of the car and step out of the motor
Me and my colleagues have got a few questions to ask ya
You'll be on your way as soon as we get an answer

As me come out of the car me a think and me a wonder
What police officers could want with Smiley Culture
Ca' with them a search the interior
But whatever them look for me hiding place superior
But the way them a asearch me had to ask them what they a look for
But me try handle them coarse. Them just handle me coarser
Then one draw handcuff, Put him hand 'pon me shoulder
And say: "We aint got time to waste, We don't think you have neither
Just give us what we want - the real sensimania"

Me never had no choice me draw out me gania
As me do that start rub them hands together
One say: "Shall we put him in the van or in the back of the Rover?"
Me say: You can't do that ca' me name Smiley Culture
"You what? Did you do that record Cockney Translator?"
In the reggae charts number one was it's number
"My kids love it and so does my mother!
Tell you what I'll do . A favour for a favour
Just sign your autograph on this piece of paper"
Me cut him short and just draw out me Parker
'Pon the producer me just sign Smiley Culture
Then never lie. Them never bother..... arrest me or take me ganja!