Artist: Van Halen
Album: Van Halen III
Song: Ballot Or The - Ballot Or The Bullet (Van Halen)
Submitted By: Moongirl

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give me liberty or give me death
no truer words, have ever been said
are you prepared
for your very last breath
don't you dare start
what you cannot finish

so when we face, face the adversary
no longer are we the minority...

and when history repeats her hour
the pendulum will swing
swing into power
though not in vain like our forefathers
freedom, never had no room for cowards

for in the end, there will be equality
be any means necessary

the ballot or the bullet
the choice is up to you
the ballot or the bullet
tell me what you gonna do
the sword and the pen
can be held, by the same hand

what's it gonna take to liberate
an emancipation, a false proclamation
all these token words that you legislate
sound a little bit absurd, and a little too late

when a house is divided
it just will not stand
once it's decided
a line drawn in the sand