Artist: Van Halen
Album: Van Halen III
Song: One I - One I Want (Van Halen)
Submitted By: Moongirl

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poorman, he just want a little
richman, wanna little bit more
superman, he looking for lois
salesman, try and sell you his soul
fatman, he ordering seconds
pizzaman, just wanna slice
badman, looking for attention
a goodman, he's hard to find

milkman, looking more like your daughter
strawman, don't have a leg to stand on
gayman, looking for another
candyman, yeah the candyman can
blackman, he looking for justice
whiteman, trying to get a tan
woman, she belong in first class
holyman, take me to the promise land

everyone looking for something
wanting their piece of the pie
searching for their slice of heaven
i gotta have mine, yeah mine

and you're the one i want, the one i want
the only one i want, the one i want
yeah, the one i want, the one i want
the only one i want, the one i want

boogieman, he giving me the creeps
sandman, kicking mud in your eye
pianoman, in the mood for a melody
strongman, yeah he knows how to cry
apeman, ain't nobody's uncle
a luckyman don't always know who they are
deadman, living for tomorrow
wiseman, following a star

i ain't saying i'm different
wanting my pie in the sky
i'm just a little impatient
until i get mine, yeah mine